A community football tournament as a fund rising has been initiated for the The Gambian community centre. The success of this events is reliant upon all community participation. The planning is starting in earnest.

The event seeks to attract our local and community business entities as donors towards our project by creating a suitable marketing platform for their products and services through community participation. Everybody's influence and contacts was be needed!

At the meeting other revenue resourcing strategies were forwarded which in my opinion should all be given the required consideration.

These are:

  • for the Gambia Community Centre to engage similar established centres for support, linkages and for object strategising. For the centre to consider petty trading by putting up stalls to sell books, counting beads, and similar items.
  • to strategise means of exploring our number by reaching out and trying to commit every member of our community to participate towards the project. This will require meeting groups in arranged meetings.       
  • to have small groups to conduct family visits to encourage family heads to donate/pledge on behalf of each member of their families.
  • to target possible overseas benefactors by setting up a YouTube channel and post videos setting out our centre, its benefits and challenges. This will also require posting regular talks and updates on our community whatsapp group

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