Over the past few years, the Gambian  Community in Nottingham has featured a steady growth.

In our view, Nottingham has become more popular to Gambians during the past years, primarily due to the search for greener pastures and more importantly due to the Cultural and religious integration of Gambians living here. We have now grown beyond expectation and for that matter, there is an urgent need to create our own Community Centre where we can freely practice our religion and hold most of our activities.


Our main Objectives should focus on the main following area, to develop positive relationships among our community areas i.e. to help people from different locality in Nottingham and get to know and understand each other better. Also to encourage people in our community to come together for initiatives that improves their lives in city of Nottingham.

Our community will embark on a project acquire a community centre. All of us will put trust in Allah and start seeking a new suitable place to host our future religious events. Our aim is to buying our existing premises which we currently renting at moment.


We will then improve the prayer facilities to accommodate the brothers and sisters, children as well as Elders welfare section. This facility can be used to hold Marriages, Funeral washing facilities, Kids class room, Disable facilities, etc

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56-58 Thurgaton Street, Sneinton

Nottingham NG2 4AG

Nottingham Prayer Times (may)

Prayer Time
Fajr 3:30 am
Zuhr 1:06 pm
Asr 6:23 pm
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 10:05 pm
Juma 1:30 pm


Gambian Community Centre

56-58 Thurgaton Street, Sneinton

Nottingham NG2 4AG

Email: info@gambiansnottinghamshire.org.uk